Facebook is not going to start charging you

Facebook_like_thumbDo not believe everything you read on Facebook or anywhere online. Do your own research, check several sites, do a search. Most importantly, stop spreading rumors and falsehoods “because you read it on Facebook.” Facebook is not going to start charging you $2.99 a month to use the social media service. It is a hoax, one that rears its ugly head every few months or so. It started as a fake news story from the satirical website National Report – with a disclaimer that said it was a fake news story. Facebook is now testing a satire tag on its website because users are too gullible. Use your brain people, use your brain.

Read: Student convinces family she’s in Asia for 5 weeks, despite never leaving bedroom (All part of a project to show us how social media doesn’t always tell the truth)

Be one of the intelligent people on the planet. Thanks Earthling.

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