Facebook auto-play draining your battery. Again.

fb videosStill having problems with battery drain on your mobile device? Check your Facebook settings – again. After a recent Facebook update, we discovered videos were auto-playing again on our mobile phones, helping to drain the batteries. Here’s how you check and, if needed, change the setting:

  • iOS – Open your Facebook app, click on the bottom right More lines, scroll almost to the bottom and click on Settings, click on Videos and Photos, click on Auto-play, turn Smart Auto-play off and click on Never Play Videos Automatically.
  • Android – Open your Facebook app, click on upper right lines just under the person with lines, scroll down under Help & Settings and click on App Settings, scroll to and click on Video Auto-play, click off.

And, as requested, here is more information on our recent trip to Cuba in a piece I wrote for Huffington Post – how we got there and what we experienced. Having married into a Cuban-American family, I know emotions and passions run high – in many different directions and on many different subjects. The comments, tweets, and posts I have received so far have run the gamut from heart-warming to frightening. Read: So, We Went to Cuba for the Weekend.

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