Everyone can read your private reply text

group repliesWhen someone sends a group text and you reply back, everyone in the group can see your message – even though you think you are just replying to the person who texted you. To make matters worse, everyone who replies to the group message shows up in your texts – all looking like individual messages. Then you answer that person and that text goes to everyone in the original group. A Steeleworker requested this tip after we wrote Group text, the evil twin of Reply All last week. Be very careful with group texts and mass emails – each can turn into a vicious circle and drive your co-workers, friends, and family crazy. If you need to reply or want to say something to the person who sent the group text, start a new private thread with that person. 

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You may be saying, but everyone knows this. Nope. They don’t. True story – sent a group text. One person replied and that text went to everyone in the group. Someone in the group did not agree with something I was doing and sent a pretty nasty message back to that person, thinking it was private. It wasn’t. We all saw it. Ellen explains it all in the video below.

Yoga breath.


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