Don’t touch me, I’m sick

unnamedDon’t try to be a business hero. Stay away from others if you are sick. Supposed to be on a flight to Dallas today for a company employee speech tomorrow. Snow, ice, airport cancellations, and, more than anything, a cough and cold all dictated I stay home instead. Too many people try to forge ahead, spreading their illness along the way. When Wonder Husband flew for NASA, working directly with all the astronauts, he never, ever went in if he might be contagious. He also would let people know when he felt something coming on and decline to shake their hand. We are in a season of colds, flus, and more. Do the same – people will understand and appreciate the gesture – even the lack of a handshake.

Tell us below: How do you as an employee and/or employer handle illness?

Stay well my friend and to all at HCK2 – I’ll be there soon!


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