Don’t I know you?

hamp tvThe more people you have in your network, the more opportunities and adventures come your way. This means you have to reach out to others; constantly do things to help others be successful, get out of the house and office, accept invitations, go to events, talk to strangers, ask questions – and most importantly – follow up and keep in touch. Success is not luck. Success is your network.

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Couldn’t find my family at a small airport – our plane was hidden behind the big planes. (I know, First World problem, yeah yeah…). This nice young stranger asked if I needed help. As a Breaking Bad addict, I all but tackled Walt Jr. aka RJ Mitte. We had a lovely conversation about what he is doing now (lots of non-profit work) and got a picture to share. Thanks RJ, you rock. Like RJ? Support his efforts with United Cerebral Palsy here. Watch RJ talk about his hit TV series below.

Meet someone new this weekend – you reach out first,

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optimist-daynasteeleBack to work on Monday with several keynote speeches coming up – including Drew University, Association of Legal Administrators, Texas Association of Life and Health Insurers, Alaska Medical Group Management, and Leadership 5.0 in Nashville. Looking for a speaker? Contact Wilene Dunn here – she can tell you my availability and details as well as suggest other great and diverse speakers. You will find more info for meeting professionals here.

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