Whatever you do, don’t buy me stuff

2014-12-05 20.23.25Pretend you have had a catastrophic event, like a hurricane, and have to throw out a good fourth of your stuff. Or, pretend you have passed away and someone has to go through and clean out your stuff. What sort of job would they have ahead of them? As Mom’s Alzheimer’s journey progress, I ‘ve had to move her three times and will most likely have to go through her things at least twice more. It’s just stuff. Stuff I have to get rid of, give away, haul off, etc. because I am not a saver of anything. I want to be able to put everything in one bag and go at a moment’s notice.

Don’t buy it. Don’t give it. Don’t save it. Get rid of it. Save your money. Dare ya. Stop the stuff! (Now there’s a t-shirt …) and watch this classic George Carlin bit on stuff.

Have a lovely, stuff-less day.

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