Do not tell anyone I am a spy

Mobile Phone Rule - YourDailySuccessTip.comWhen you talk on your mobile phone in a public space, a magic barrier does not automatically drop around you, making your conversation private. Nope. Everyone can hear you, the competition can steal from you, thieves love you, and others want to hurt you just so you will stop telling all of us about your latest medical procedure. The former head of the U.S. National Security Agency was on a train yesterday doing anonymous interviews on his phone. Behind him? A former Washington director of the political group –  live tweeting it all. You gotta read this!

If it is secret or private, do not talk about it in public on your phone. Period.


Update:  My speech-booking partner Wilene Dunn (In the blink of eye…it can all changewent from perfectly healthy to near death in a week. Still waiting on the CDC but all indications keep pointing to the Salmonella outbreak in the USA.  As far as she can tell, she is fine and almost up to 100% speed again, with all systems working fine. I felt helpless during the entire ordeal, but I do know I can now help with those insane medical bills. Please consider a small donation to the GoFundMe account I have set up for Wilene. I have no idea where I would be today without her. It is the very least I can do for this amazing woman.

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