For success, don’t postpone joy

A big part of success is having a positive attitude and being happy. Really, it is. When you are happy and stress free, you can see more clearly and recognize more opportunities to succeed. dont postpone joyYou are more apt to try new things, even crazy ideas that become the next big thing. Many business people send us negative critiques when we write tips like this. They are ‘all business’ and these lifestyle tips are of no use to them whatsoever. Hmmmm. Think I see what’s holding these people back…

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Have a Good joyful Friday,

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bob moog foundationThanks to Steeleworker Michelle Moog-Koussa for sharing this story. Michelle is a pretty amazing, joyful person. She is the daughter of the late Bob Moog, founder of the Moog Synthesizer (yes, the one you have heard on just about every rock anthem.) Michelle runs the Bob Moog Foundation, featuring Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool – teaching kids the science of sound using the magic of music. Science and rock & roll – yep, that’s joyful! Visit Dr. Bob’s Sound School here for your school or organization (or to donate).

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