Do not eat the travel personnel

flightsWe celebrate Thanksgiving this week in the USA. Many of us will be loading up suitcases full of things we really don’t need to take, trying to cram them into overhead bins and under seats with no leg room. That is not the flight attendant’s fault. The flight attendant is there to make sure you fly safe – not to be your personal valet, chef, nurse, butler, or waiter. Other things to keep in mind next week as you travel:

  • The weather or mechanical delays are not the fault of the pilot, ticket agent, or gate agent. Make the best of wherever you get stuck.
  • The TSA system makes anal retentive organizational freaks like me sweat but most TSA officers (or whatever you call them) are just doing the job someone else who has never been on the ground in the trenches designed.
  • Most of the travel personnel you deal with next week are doing the best they can with a given situation. Make it easier on them by not being one of the problems.

Things will happen this week that you have no control over. Practice doing something for me right now. First, take a big breath and let it out slowly. We call that ‘yoga breath‘ in our house and offices. Second, practice turning unpleasant situations into a smile or joke for you and every one around you. Your blood pressure will thank you for that.

Happy Thanksgiving. Please don’t eat anyone. Be nice. If you only share one tip this year, make it this one! See the Facebook, Twitter, etc. buttons at the top of this tip.

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