Let’s eat grandma

YDST received an email we just had to pass on in its entirety from Pat Getter after the 1 space between sentences post:

As we both know, commas save lives: Let’s eat, grandma. Let’s eat grandma. What’s it going to be? pat-getterAre you sitting down to a nice meal with the sweet lady – or serving her as the main course? Only the comma knows the difference! I have a bunch of grammar tips I give in my workshop/presentation about “The Trouble with ‘Typoes,’ Grammar Goofs and Sloppy Spelling: Mistakes Can Cost Millions or Muddy Your Message.” I’ve included four grammar goofs here:

1)  12 noon and 12 midnight: Noon and midnight never occur at any other time other than 12 (have you ever heard of six midnight or eleven noon?) so there is never any need to write or say 12 when you write or say noon or midnight.

2)  Champing at the bit:  If you are anxious and ready to do something and you show your impatience at being held back or delayed, the correct idiom is CHAMPING at the bit, not CHOMPING at the bit. Horses may chomp on the bit in their mouths, but not people!

3)  Flesh it out: If you need to provide more details to a plan or idea to give it substance, make it fuller or develop it further, then you FLESH it out. When you want something to leave a hiding place or reveal something otherwise concealed, you FLUSH it out. You do not FLUSH out details to plans or ideas – although if they stink, you might want to flush them down the toilet.

4)  Couldn’t care less: When you absolutely do not give a hoot about something, not even a teeny weeny bit, then you COULDN’T care less, not COULD care less. If you COULD care even less, then you have not hit rock bottom yet, have you?

My pet peeve? It is especially with an ‘s’ not exspecially with an ‘x’ – stepping off soapbox now.

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Thank you Pat! Pat has a couple of great paperback books you might want to check out: Deposition or Root Canal? (can we tell you how much we LOVE that title?) and Fitting In: for Square Pegs in the Round Holes of Life. Visit Amazon.com for Pat’s books.