Could you do what J did?

laptop 114Meet J (and the future teacher who nominated her), laptop #114 in 18 months. Not that we are bragging. Wait. Yes, we are. Our initial goal was to find one deserving high school student once a month with no access to personal technology and give that student a laptop. That would have been 18 laptops. We have done 114. Yep, we are definitely bragging.

J is headed off to college to start her basics in a few weeks. Her parents passed away when she was young. She went to live with her grandparents. Then, her grandparents passed away. Despite it all, she has kept a strong, positive attitude, found a way to survive, stayed kind, and managed to get herself a high school diploma and into college. This kid deserves a break. This laptop is a start. 

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*We are firm believers at YDST that if you need something, you should put it out there in the Universe and see what happens. We want to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in hopes one of her wonderful sponsors will give us dozens of laptops to continue to giveaway to these great kids. So there it is Universe – do what you will with this…

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What does this mean to high school students? Watch one of these: