Common Sense to Uncommon Wealth by Jeff Pinkerton

51tMJtcnFkL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Ten years ago, Wonder Husband and I decided we had had enough – we were in a financial and marital crisis – all caused by our spending and lack-of-saving situation. We started by figuring out everything we were spending money on – and got rid of the things that were not needed, only wanted. Then we began to pay off bills – that took years – but put us in the position we are in now. Comfort and happiness.

That’s why we love author Jeff Pinkerton and his new book Common Sense to Uncommon Wealth: 10 Simple Steps to Building Wealth. You know we like simple at YDST. When you take care of the simple things, it’s easier to take care of the harder things. This step-by-step guide is great for anyone – young to old – looking for a way to take control of your financial life. Do it. Read it. 

From Amazon: Finally. An approach that works. Discover how to achieve your financial goals and dreams. Common Sense to Uncommon Wealth guides you through The Wealth Builder 10. A simple, step-by-step approach to take control of your financial life and realize your dreams.

1. Start. Now!
2. Reject Jones-itis
3. Act like a Wealth Builder
4. Run Your Life Like a Business
5. Develop Your Financial Life Goal (FLG)
6. Know Your Starting Point
7. Be the Boss of Your Business Profits
8. Track your FLG Progress
9. Six Biggies You Gotta Keep in the Mix
10. Discover YOUR Pace

It is possible for you to become a Wealth Builder. Right here. Right now. With what you’ve got. Common Sense to Uncommon Wealth shows you how. Jeff Pinkerton has developed and owned several companies and maintains a lifelong commitment to maximizing finances with a common sense approach. A Christian, family man, successful businessman, speaker and writer, Jeff lives with his wife Connie, and their Lab, Boomer, on We Hope Ranch in New Chapel Hill, Texas.

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*Houston follwoers – you may remember Jeff’s wife – the amazing musician and performer Connie Mims.