Cold emails equal a pot of gold

Cold is a big proponent of ‘always defer to yes’ – a lunch, a meeting, someone needs help, etc. Take that a step further and reply to all your emails, even cold emails from strangers. Patrick Curtis from Wall Street Oasis forwarded this article and it is so true – you just never know what gold may be at the end of that cold email rainbow. That and you are not so important or busy that you can’t take the time to pay it forward today. And every day. That was once you starting out!

Stranger Catie Cohen sent me a lovely email yesterday to say thanks for She graduates in the spring from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Someone should hire her…



Rick Gillis  Job! Learn How to Find Your Next Job In 1 Day


You know we are also big fans of Job! Learn How to Find Your Next Job In 1 Day by Rick Gillis. Rick sent a box of the books and I will be giving them away on the Steeleworker Facebook page tomorrow. Join me over there and “Like” the page for a chance to win the book. Or, know someone who needs a job? Share today’s tip with him or her.