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Your Daily Success Tip - Food for ThoughtRule of thumb for a meeting that includes a meal: If there is more food on their plate than yours, the person you are meeting with is talking too much. If there is more food on your plate than theirs, you are talking too much. Depending on what you hope to gain from this meeting, you will know where you are in the conversation simply by looking at the food remaining on the plates. (Flickr photo: jamarmstrong)

We should do lunch sometime,



Soul Music by Nancy Klifman
Much of what we refer to as ‘success’ comes from intention and intuition. When you can discern subtle communication, you gain insight and knowledge that others may miss – in business and personal situations and conversations. Is that something you can learn? Author Nancy Klifman says, ‘Yes, you can!” Her new ebook, Soul Music, provides a basis for self-exploration with questions and answers at the end of each chapter to help you develop these skills. Klifman shares her very personal journey toward what she calls “spiritual fluency,” choosing faith in ourselves to succeed in life. Remember what I always say – the first step to being a Rock Star is believing you are a Rock Star!