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Git-r-done (thanks Larry the Cable Guy) and go the extra mile are actions successful people take almost subconsciously every day in every thing they do. larry the cable guyWhen you see something that needs to be done, do it and do it good. A resort worker knew a little girl had lost her stuffed toy and blanket during a family vacation. When La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa employee Christina Cooper ran across the items weeks later, she could have just ignored them. She didn’t. The employee could have dropped them in an envelope and mailed the beloved items. Nope, she didn’t do that either. What she did do was write the little girl a note from the lamb and then mailed the package to the family.

The extra mile is usually a lonely place to be but the place to be if you want to succeed,


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Do not gloat today. Or ever.

There are many things you should have been taught as a child: hold the door for others, be kind, chew with your mouth closed, say please and thank you – and – never brag or gloat. For the most part, the elections have now come and gone. Don’t be a sore loser and don’t be an […]

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How to fly high at work

United Airlines sometimes seems like a second home. If you travel a lot, for business or fun or both, you know how exciting it can be to realize there is a new airline magazine you haven’t actually read. That means there’s a Sudoku puzzle no one has marked up yet, and if you are lucky, an article […]

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Say something nice today

Do something positive for a company today. Most customers are only vocal when they complain. Do you have a company or individual you like doing business with? Say something here below AND go to their website, Twitter acct, Facebook page, blog – whatever – and leave a glowing comment! Thanks Steeleworker @coffeemike for this idea. […]


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