Break out of career jail

i-quitThe willingness to get uncomfortable as a means to take steps forward is a sign of true success. If you’ve had the same job for five years or feel stuck in a position you’ve held for only six months, know when to let go. Letting go of what is no longer working and moving on is just as important as getting a gig in the first place. Many times different career opportunities only come to us as a means to teach us invaluable life lessons that can be put to future use. If you’ve got one foot in and one foot out, you’re setting up for a less then prosperous outcome. Most importantly, don’t ignore the signs it’s time to go as you spot them. Breathe, trust your gut, and take a leap of faith. If you take the time to trust in your own abilities, you’ll be shocked by what can come to you.

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Is whatever you’re doing day in and day out really fulfilling you? Are you waking up in the morning spinning with anxiety or pumped about the day ahead? If you aren’t happy and thriving emotionally, you know it’s time to move on. People will only advance in their careers when their hearts and minds are fully invested in the tasks at hand.

Michael Mazzella
The Millennial Tipster

*Note from Dayna: I always tell friends when discussing career moves – there is no such thing as career jail. I’ve moved from rock radio to e-commerce to talk radio to speaking to writing and more. Just go for it – there’s a great big world out there waiting for you to do more. Our Millennial Tipster Michael Mazzella has decided to pursue a different path and is striking out on his own – at 22! Watch the video below as Michael starts this journey. 

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