Promote! by Rick Gillis

Successful people know how to promote themselves; they know self-promotion is a necessary part of success and getting ahead. That said, most people do it wrong or won’t do it at all. Author Rick Gillis has put together a simple guide to help you learn to promote yourself and get the success you deserve.

PROMOTE!: It’s Who Knows What You Know That Makes a Career by Rick Gillis

41+gIK78DjLFrom Amazon: PROMOTE! is about you and your company. It is about getting the promotion, the raise, and potentially keeping your job in the age of downsizing. PROMOTE! is about having the knowledge and confidence to directly address your accomplishments with those who control your destiny on the job: your supervisors.

PROMOTE! is not about waiting around for a pat on the back.

PROMOTE! also speaks to the other side of the equation with a chapter dedicated to management implementing an accomplishments program companywide with the goal of promoting and using internal wins to achieve new sales and even establish a simple, manageable performance assessment system.

Amazon paperback link: PROMOTE!: It’s Who Knows What You Know That Makes a Career by Rick Gillis

Rick Gillis Job! Learn How to Find Your Next Job In 1 DayFrom the author: As I was writing PROMOTE! I got to thinking about how much more I might have achieved in my corporate commercial real estate career had I recognized at the time that professionally I was at the mercy of my supervisors. Looking back I know I missed opportunities by not being prepared to speak up on my own behalf.

From the introduction written by YDST CEO Dayna SteeleRick and I agree it is your professional responsibility to make sure that those who hold the key to your success, such as supervisors and managers, know the value you bring to the job every day. They have to know how important you are. This is not bragging – if you learn to do it correctly. 

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