Billions in Change (The World)

Screenshot 2015-11-11 07.26.56Change starts with one. It starts with you. Imagine you invented a product that went crazy successful and all of a sudden you were worth billions. Yes, with a B. Then imagine you really don’t like fancy stuff, you lead a simple life and you are happy with that. So, what do you do with all that profit?

You change the world….

Manoj Bhargava created the 5-Hour Energy drink and then found himself the recipient of great wealth. So, he decided to give away nearly all of that fortune to charity. Billions in Change is a movement to save the world by creating and implementing solutions to the most Screenshot 2015-11-11 07.29.15basic global problems – water, energy and health. Doing so will raise billions of people out of poverty and improve the lives of everyone – rich and poor.

If you have time, watch the entire movie or bookmark this page and watch it later. Just a couple of minutes? Watch the trailer a little farther down.

Change starts with one. It starts with you.

Have other ideas for all that money? Give us your suggestion below and we will pass it on to Billions In Change.

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