Be sure to show up today

wall-clockWhatever you do today, show up – literally and figuratively. Today’s guest tip comes from Karen Swim of Words for Hire: Recently, I have had the “opportunity” to work with a dizzying array of vendors and service providers. Some businesses seemed determined to convince me not to spend my money with them. Phone calls and emails were unanswered; appointments were a no-show, no-call; erroneous information was provided. The good news is that in this bad service culture, great service stands out even more. The people who cared and did little things earned my loyalty. like the painter who was not only neat but took the extra step of vacuuming after he picked up his drop cloth, and the kid at the office supply store who asked questions and recommended equipment that cost less than I planned and was a perfect fit for my needs. If you want business, act like it. And for goodness sake if you are going to show up for an appointment at someone’s home or business, show up on time and in proper attire.

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Or as my Dad used to say, don’t do a half-a** job. He was colorful that way…


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