Be clear, be brief, be gone

gmailFinding ways to create clarity and streamline some daily processes like email and meetings will free up time you can use to be successful at work and in your personal life. From our regular guest tipster, Wells Fargo’s Beverly Butler: When communicating or meeting with people, be so clear so that you won’t waste time going back and forth with follow-up questions. Those back-and-forth emails for ‘clarification’ take time, bandwidth, and brain cells. Here are four ways to streamline the process and save you some time:

  • When you plan a meet-up with someone on a specific date, give the day of the week as well.
  • When planning a meeting, give a start time AND an end time.
  • If you want someone to take a specific action, be clear and ask –  rather than making them guess.
  • End meetings with a wrap-up of action items, assigned to specific people, with firm deadlines –  including the date and day of the week.

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Thanks Beverly Butler – your tips are always appreciated!


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