Back away from the fax machine

unnamedDon’t ask someone to fax you something. Just don’t. It makes you appear as if you don’t keep up with technology. However, no matter how hard you try, there are still some organizations that will require you to fax information – our friends at the IRS as well as insurance, medical and mortgage companies – to name a few. If you still have to fax several things a month (I’m sorry), sign up for one of the available online fax services such as If it is just the occasional fax, your local UPS Store or Office Depot can help you out for a small fee. Either option is still a lot cheaper than maintaining a fax machine and a fax phone line. Thanks to Steeleworker Doug Harris for suggesting this tip.

Need us to fax you something? No. As Dack tweeted, please join us here in 2014.

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