As Lynyrd Skynyrd said: What’s Your Name?

It’s all in a name – or description. My business card says “Creates Rock Stars” – Happy Endings LogoI help people find success. A friend has a courier service; they pick up and deliver just about anything. The company name? The Delivery Guys pretty much sums it up – it is a couple of guys who deliver stuff. Prostitution rings in China are referred to as “happy endings services.” Not that I condone prostitution, but come on, that’s a brilliant name for that particular service.

Be memorable,


Amazon is offering a Amazon Prime Free Trial30-day free trial for Amazon Prime. The service is $79 a year for 2-day shipping on just about everything sells – green tea, printer ink, 2 closet shoe organizers, 5 outdoor spray nozzles, golf gloves, school project glue gun, box of 100 cushioned book mailers, Estes Rockets to blow up in the back yard, new ‘Mommy’s float’ for the pool, sheets, ear buds, and golf shoes – that is what we have ordered just in the last two months. Plus, as an Amazon Prime member, you get all the free movies and TV you can possibly watch. I’m telling you, it’s the best thing since sliced bread!