Are you building your empire?

10428468_10204823648083806_401484297090389786_nAre you making bold moves or doing the same thing every day expecting things to change? Empire The Musical is having its staged readings this week in New York City for theatre owners and potential investors, a bold move from lead producers Sue Vaccaro and Ricky Stevens. Sue has gone from school teacher to Tony award-winning producer – I guarantee that took a few bold moves along the way – and maybe a leap of faith or two. Spend part of your time this weekend contemplating a bold move. As they say in Empire – fortune favors the bold. (And a prepared mind my friend Yves says over my shoulder.) Reach for the sky – success has no time for scaredy cats.

Have a great weekend!


By the way, thanks for all the shares for the car tip earlier in the week. It has gone crazy viral all over the country. Did you miss it? See it here – how to best position your side view mirrors to avoid that pesky blind spot.