Are you bleeding money a penny at a time?

crazy-processesCheck your money statements – bank, credit card, brokerage, etc. – every month. Take the time to look at these documents carefully for fees and other processes that may be robbing you (and the company) of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. This stuff adds up – in supply costs, people costs, and other processing costs. This check was sent to me yesterday, overnight FedEx. YDST has many Steeleworkers at this bank – so pass this on – check your processes. When a company saves money, the consumer saves money. If called, I would have said keep it for the employee coffee fund – just think how that could add up!

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Speak up, call, post, let any company that does this know – whatever it takes – let’s stop this craziness. We are all better off with a few more pennies in our pocket – you and the company.


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