And then Mark died immediately

local dinerWhen you are speaking anywhere out loud to another person, in person or on the phone (or computer), please remember someone else can probably hear you. If you are talking in a loud voice in a popular restaurant with tables close together, we can 100% hear you. If you are speaking about something private, keep your voice low – or even better – take it somewhere private. Today’s tip title is part of the conversation we listened to at breakfast over the weekend. We couldn’t help but hear everything including: we’ve had four broken hips in the clinic in the last two months alone, all our records are messed up and I’m not taking the blame when the clinic is investigated. As Wonder Husband likes to say, you can’t make these things up.

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Sure hope this is not my doctor …or yours …

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astro wivesHappy birthday to Cheryl Evans, one of the best neighbors anyone could ask for. She and her book club invited us to join in the conversation over the weekend on The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story by Lily Koppel. Living in the neighborhood where the book takes place made it a fun read but I think anyone would enjoy the book. It is a fascinating look behind the right stuff. Check out the book here on And wish Cheryl a happy birthday here.