And it all went up in flames

hampton-fireIs your computer backed up to the cloud and does your homeowners insurance cover travel losses? Let me tell you a story: You are out of town on business and staying at a local hotel. It’s been a good day; you drop your computer bag off at the room and head to dinner to celebrate with co-workers. In the time you are gone, your hotel burns to the ground with your computer, iPad, passport, suitcase, clothes, and toothbrush. If you have the proper homeowners insurance, that will all be replaced. You can run to the local Target for clothes and a toothbrush. Your insurance will get a check to you quickly so you can replace the laptop and iPad. And, because it is all backed up to the cloud, you turn it on, log in, and you are back in business minus some underwear.

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Or this doesn’t happen. It’s up to you. Check your insurance today and learn how to use the cloud (we use Dropbox). Ask the people who were staying in the Hampton Inn down the street from our house a few nights ago …. see the news story below.




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