All the knowledge in the world. Every morning.

Get up to start your day and prepare before the people who give you money and before your competition. And, never start returning emails or making calls until you know what is going on in the world. Someone asked me the other day, “Where do you find all the cool, bizarre, informative, and funny stuff you post on Facebook and put in your tips?” news sitesIt’s simple. I get up early and I read. I review local and national news sites early every morning. I have CNN on in the background. I read blogs from several people. I go through the last couple of hours on my Twitter feed and Facebook. It’s not really all the knowledge in the world but it is a damn good start. And an early one. It’s that whole early bird and worm thing…

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Yes, I am up early and looking at the flowers on my desk Charlie the Wonder Husband sent yesterday. It’s not something he does very often (I’m too frugal or cheap as my sons say). But you know what? The flowers made my day. There is just something so nice about seeing the flower delivery person at the door and knowing someone went to that trouble just for YOU. No special occasion. Order flowers for someone today and make him or her feel special.

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