Acknowledge the mistake and move forward

Sometimes things go wrong. It happens. Figure out what went wrong so you can possibly keep it from happening again in the future. Fix it for your customers; apologize, give refunds, whatever it takes. olympic-ringsThen, move forward and do better next time. If you can add humor into the mix, even better. The Sochi Olympics have been fascinating – from the problems at the beginning to the triumphs and performances of all the athletes. The closing ceremonies included a nod to one of the games’ biggest gaffes: when five groups of dancers formed the five Olympic rings, one group paused before the formation was completed. Funny. Very funny.

It’s Monday, successful people say “yes!”

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watch-sherlockThe new habit of some crazy-busy people is to find a great TV show, download the entire season, and ‘binge watch’ all the episodes at once. This is particularly great if you travel a lot – it passes the time in airports and on flights. I have a new go-to show: Sherlock. Brilliant writing – can’t get enough of it! Looking for a new binge? Check out Sherlock here on Amazon