A dog, a football player, and a laptop

G-Graham-88Remember when you used to play a connect-the-dots game as a kid? The better you got at it, the more complex the dots. It was always so satisfying once you connected everything and could see the big picture. That’s how success happens. Today’s guest tip comes from award-winning art teacher Cheryl Evans: I was in the airport the other day, returning from a trip with my dog Mija. Mija always sparks conversations with strangers. This time we met Houston Texan Garrett Graham and his wife Ericka who run a foundation to help kids – the Project 88 Foundation provides underserved students with leadership development and educational opportunities.

Cheryl brought Ericka’s card over last night and said, “You give laptops to these kids. They have a foundation. Here, go connect the dots.”

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Chief Tipster Dayna Steele
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