Five simple things to do every day for success

Success requires a strong foundation. first published 5 Things To Do Every Day for Success a few years ago. This article became the catalyst for the 101 Ways to Rock Your World book series. These five things will always start you on the road to success, no matter what you do:
Dayna Steele and Bill Mumy

1. Wake up early
2. Read, watch or listen to the news headlines of the day
3. Send something to someone who can give you money
4. Get in touch with an old friend and find out what he or she is doing
5. Write a handwritten note to someone

Do all five, every day, and see what happens. My favorite is getting in touch with old friends. I did that over the holidays and was rewarded with a lovely dinner with actor Bill Mumy and his wife Eileen. Check out what he is up to these days here, which includes making great music.

No danger here Will Robinson, only success!

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B612 Foundation Coffee Mug
Another friend of mine, former NASA astronaut Ed Lu, is busy these days trying to save us all from an oncoming asteroid. Yes. Really.  Check out the B612 Foundation. Ed and all at his organization are doing good work. Work well beyond my understanding so I bought the coffee mug to show my support. Visit the B612 Foundation.