You can’t delete a tweet

Many politicians on both sides of the fence are learning this week, the hard way, that you can’t delete a tweet. Oh, you can hit the ‘delete’ button and it will delete it from the tweets you see on your account but it won’t delete the message from anyone else’s Twitter page if they follow you. delete a tweetAnd, when you delete it from your page and someone, like the news media goes looking for it, then it looks like you are hiding something. If something happens to make you change your mind after you have tweeted, then be transparent and tweet why you have changed your position. Best practice? If you don’t stand 100% behind what you tweet then don’t tweet it. Bonus tip: if you do want everyone to see a tweet, don’t start it with @. See 20 Crowdsourced Twitter Tips for an All-Around Amazing Twitter Experience.

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  1. Ginny Shuflin says:

    also, you cannot un-ring a bell, you cannot unhurt a friend.
    Be careful what you say and write, this is a sensitive, litigious society we live in.
    who profits when you go to war with someone, only the attorneys!

  2. Anything you write, speak or photos that travel in any form electronically are “out there” some place and any encryption, no matter how secure, can be seen by others. It’s been that way for more than a decade.

    Everything is scanned and as the artificial intelligence improves, everything is read and any encryption you can think up, it can decipher in a fraction of a second.


  3. After I saw The RAVPower External Battery Charger on your page last year I bought one for everyone in my family for Christmas so no one has an excuse not to talk to mom anymore :-). We all love them. I use it frequently for my phone but have also been able to help out others. Thanks for the tip!

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