I will be there. Or maybe not. Or yes.

Tis’ the season to RSVP ‘yes’ and not show upRSVP SeasonThanks to über photographer and Steeleworker Evin Thayer for this recent Facebook post. It is the time of year when there are more party and event invitations than ever. Use good form and let the host know if you are coming or not. Then, honor your word. Whether it is personal or business, casual or formal, buffet or seated – it may not seem that big a deal but it is. Your reputation depends on it.  I bet Evin doesn’t invite this person again and Evin throws fabulous parties!

Be the person people want to invite,


Undressed-for-DinnerI woke up on my 50th birthday in the most amazing of places, Augill Castle, in northern England. We found stayinacastle.com online and fell in love with the place; its history, the family, the dog, and the chickens. Proprietor Simon Temple-Bennett has just released a book about their experiences turning this deserted castle into an award-winning hotel. Ever wanted to start a business? Read this first. You will cry, you will laugh (hard), and you will think twice about the work ahead of you! Find out more about Undressed for Dinner: The Story of a Family trying to lead an ordinary life in an extraordinary place.



  1. Brooke Baumer Crawford says:

    Oh my word, Dayna. I think we need to send this tip to Congress and make it into LAW! Then again, Congress can’t pass anything, so it might be moot. But, THANK YOU for posting this. RSVPing is a lost art that needs resurrection!