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Could you be successful without a computer?
No. You could not.

Approximately $150 can change the life of a student and the future for all of us. That is all it costs to put a Google Chromebook into the hands of a student showing promise yet lacking the technology tools needed to succeed. You spend that much on shoes, wine, dinner, a golf club and more. Just once, buy a student a laptop. You can donate below and we will get it done. Or buy one here from Amazon – find a kid yourself or send it to us. We have plenty of high school students in need – homework, grants, college applications, research, scholarships, even some tests – ALL are done online now and there are only so many computers in the schools and only so many hours in the school day. Most schools do NOT issue laptops or tablets to students yet expect this work to be done.

Sometimes it’s the people no one imagines anything of
who do the things no one can imagine.
— from the film The Imitation Game




Or mail a check to:
Dayna Steele
957 NASA Parkway
Suite 101
Houston TX 77058 provides laptops to high school students who don’t have access to this much-needed personal technology, something many of us take for granted. Our free laptop initiative, Smart Girls Rock, was started as a way to encourage girls to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math. We have since expanded the program to guys as well – all in hopes of giving excellent students the technology they need to succeed. We are not a non-profit but act as a catalyst through various non-profits to find the deserving students. If you need a tax receipt, we get you one from one of these organizations. Help us with the PayPal Donate button above. Contact us if you have something else in mind.

Solving education one student, one laptop, one solution at a time…

We ask that our recipients be nominated by teachers, counselors, and/or librarians. Students must show effort and have a burning desire to succeed despite whatever circumstances are getting in their way. Something as simple as a Google Chromebook can open a world of opportunity and adventure.

Nominate a student below and see some recent recipients:


Here’s laptop #131 to a wanna-be architect and a visit from laptop #57 – home from the United States Marine Corps. OOH RAH!!

2015-11-09 11.05.26

2015-11-09 11.57.18


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