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Dayna Steele Creates Rock Stars

Success strategist, best-selling author, and keynote speaker Dayna Steele brings what she learned about success from the world’s greatest rock stars to your business and event …

2015 best brightest handsDayna Steele worked with the world’s greatest rock stars for over twenty years as a Hall of Fame rock radio personality. She took those lessons and formed several successful companies. Now, Dayna delivers those lessons on leadership, teamwork, customer service, marketing, communication, and more to audiences around the world with her presentations and books. And, as the creator of, Dayna continues to deliver these success lessons every day, one tip at a time, to thousands of faithful followers around the world.

One of the 35 people who inspire us!  Readers’ Digest Magazine
A woman with ridiculously sane advice.Foreword Reviews
Good old-fashioned, simple success advice – that works.
 –ABC News Now
A wickedly funny speaker, I could listen to her all day. –Twitter

Dayna’s presentations can be utilized as one hour keynotes or longer breakout/workshop sessions:

  • 2012-11-02 13.45.55Things Rock Stars Do Every Day For Success (video)
    There are a lot of talented people in the world but only a few become rock stars. What is it rock stars do to succeed that others do not? What is more important to success than talent? Dayna brings you the rock star principles of success including her humorous backstage stories, insightful lessons, and the pictures to prove it all. Your audience walks away with practical applications for success.
  • Nashville1Rock Star LEADers (video)
    Are you a rock star leader? What does it take to lead like a rock star? Times change, so does music. Yet the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, KISS and other top rock bands consistently stay at the top of the charts and lead the concert business in revenue. How? Dayna takes you on a journey backstage, on the road, and into the billion dollar business of rock, bringing their success lessons into your leadership.
  • 2012 era couchThe Rock Star Interview (video)
    Dayna spent years interviewing the world’s greatest rock stars. Now, she interviews your rock stars – management, C suite, top sales people, best customers – live in front of your audience. From best practices to daily routine to words of wisdom, find out how the best got to the top and stay there in their own words.

See Dayna’s TED Talk, meeting professional resources, and list of books below. She can also create custom workshops/breakouts for your event such as:

  • Crisis Communication in 140 Characters
  • Texting and Tweeting: Marketing in Spurts
  • Successful Presentations
  • Communicating Across the Generations
  • 3 Things You Must Do to Brand Yourself
  • Up Periscope: Video Marketing



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