Why does your event need Rock Star Speaker Dayna Steele?

Rock Star Principles That Will Rock Your Business!
  • Invigorate customer service
  • Improve employee and team performance
  • Grow your customer base
  • Learn the clear connection between true rock star stories and your business success
  • Humor and high energy keep an audience engaged from beginning to end
  • These rock star lessons stick with your audience long after the event is over
  • From rock radio Hall of Fame award-winner Dayna Steele

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5 Ways to Rock Your Customers
Invigorate Your Customer Service 
The basic principles of great customer service never
change – master these five and win every time.

“Good old-fashioned success advice from rock and roll.”
  ABC News

Rock and Grow Your Small Business (or Association)
Increase Your Customer Base 
It’s all about GROWTH. Just as musicians grow from small clubs to
rock star venues, grow your small business (or membership, blog following, etc). 

“Dayna Steele was a hit! Our audience gave her a 96.7% ”Great’ rating.”
  Wells Fargo

Find Your Inner Rock Star
Improved Individual Performance or Teamwork 
Rock Stars in any industry practice the same rock star principles of
success in everything they do, individually and as a team.
*#1 choice for college meetings and events

Dayna Steele’s advice for success is ridiculously sane!”  Clarion Book Reviews

The Rock Star Interview
Talk Show Interview Format 
Learn from the masters! Dayna interviews your company
Rock Stars (CEO, customers, employees) live on stage,
revealing their Rock Star secrets to success.

“One of the 35 people who inspire us!”
  Readers’ Digest

Making the Most of Your 15 Seconds of Fame
With the 24/7 news cycle, everyone has an opportunity to make
themselves heard in the media. Learn to prepare key messages,
target an objective, how to stand, where to look, what to wear, and more.
*Also available as a workshop or breakout session

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