Why you should be nice today to succeed

If you aren’t nice, everyone will know before the day is over. Not only is being nice the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do. ShankmindsToday, I’ll be joining marketing mastermind Peter Shankman and a room full of successful people all day long to brainstorm, solve, create, and more. One thing I can guarantee you is that the people in this room are nice. How do I know this? Because it is hard to succeed these days if you aren’t nice. Social media and a 24/7 news cycle on 1000 channels have put the power of communication into the hands of the masses. Again, if you are not nice, word will get out and spread fast. Read How To Increase Your Likability And Grow Your Business from Forbes.com.

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I like you,


Nice Companies Finish First by Peter ShankmanPeter’s latest book is all about companies being nice. Nice Companies Finish First: Why Cutthroat Management Is Over–and Collaboration Is In is a must read for anyone in management or anyone desiring a promotion to that level. Maybe you run your own solopreneur shop and you are everything from management to the janitor – that’s okay – you need to read it too. Nice people do finish first. Be one of the nice people. Check out  Nice Companies Finish First: Why Cutthroat Management Is Over–and Collaboration Is In available at Amazon.com and wherever books are sold.

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  1. Ava G. Sloan says:

    My ultimate pet peeve is someone walking thru a door and not paying attention to who is around them to see if they can hold it open for the next person. I know, not big stuff… but this morning in the LaPorte post office I witnessed every single customer being nice (paying attention and holding the door for the next person). I counted all 15 customers being nice and each of the recipients saying THANK YOU!

    Thank You Dayna!!

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