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It’s okay to do nothing

Even the most successful people need to stop sometimes and just do nothing. Called a go-getter friend the other day, she was still in bed and having a hard time getting started. I had one of these days a few months ago and stayed on the couch all day … Read more here

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Surviving Alzheimer’s This Week

Surviving Alzheimer’s – The Selfish Request

It is selfish to make your loved ones promise to "not put you in a home." Watch Dayna's video below.Surviving Alzheimer's with Friends, Facebook, and a Really Big Glass of WineWith unfiltered … Read more here

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Success Books by Dayna Steele

101 Ways to Rock Your World by Dayna Steele

From Foreword Reviews: Lisa Romeo October 3, 2012Since the term “rock star” is now used to characterize any successful person in any line of work, it’s refreshing to glean tips about becoming a rock star from someone who has, in fact, worked with real rock stars. Enter Dayna Steele, arguably the most successful female rock-radio personality … Read More

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Success in 60 on Fox TV

Success in 60 – Reduce That Debt CEO Dayna Steele joins the Fox 26 Houston Morning News team every week with Success in 60. See more Success in 60 videos … Watch here

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