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Please be on time today

Be on time today. And every day. For everything. For everyone. Another person's time is just as valuable and just as important as yours. If you make an appointment with someone and a previous appointment is running late, end that one and honor your next commitment. When you make someone wait like t … Read more here

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Welcome to College: 101 Ways to Rock Your World

Looking for a successful high school graduation gift? Drop some cash inside a copy of Welcome to … Read More

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Surviving Alzheimer’s Updates

Eye See…I Forget – 2015 Cohen New Works Installation

This interactive art installation was created as part of the 2015 Cohen New Works Festival at the … Read more here

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Dayna Steele is also the Chief Caring Expert for - the leading online destination for family caregivers seeking information, support, in-home care and senior living options for aging parents, spouses and other information. See her latest care video here.